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In some cases we even exceed certain standards and go over and beyond what is required!

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Radon is a gaseous radioactive element having the symbol Rn, the atomic number 86, an atomic weight
of 222, a melting point of -71ºC, a boiling point of -62ºC, and (depending on the source, there are between
20 and 25 isotopes of radon - 20 cited in the chemical summary, 25 listed in the table of isotopes); it is an
extremely toxic, colorless gas; it can be condensed to a transparent liquid and to an opaque, glowing
solid; it is derived from the radioactive decay of radium and is used in cancer treatment, as a tracer in leak
detection, and in radiography. (From the word radium, the substance from which it is derived.)  
Sources: www.epa.gov/radon; Condensed Chemical Dictionary, and Handbook of Chemistry and Physics,
69th ed., CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 1988.